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About choosing your optimization algorithm carefully

2016-10-17 optimization simulation non-linear evolutionary constrained optimization

About simulations and optimizations Why is simulation important anyway? Well, first off we need it since many phenomemna (I would even say all ... Read More

The truth about priors and overfitting

2016-08-31 prior regression modeling bayesian hypothesis testing

Have you ever thought about how strong a prior is compared to observed data? It’s not an entirely easy thing to conceptualize. In order to alleviate ... Read More

The insignificance of significance

2016-06-15 significance statistics p-value bayesian hypothesis testing

Statistical significance has always held a slightly magical status in the research community as well as in every other community. This position is ... Read More

Doing price optimization in R

2016-05-06 optimization simulation non-linear elasticity price econometrics

As many of us already know R is an extremely useful and powerful language for designing, building and evaluating statistical models. In this example ... Read More

About confidence intervals

2016-05-05 confidence intervals bayesian credible interval regression

Introduction Confidence intervals are as beautiful as they are deceiving. They’re part of an elegant theory of mathematical statistics which has been ... Read More

Hello R Markdown

2015-07-23 R Markdown plot regression

R Markdown This is an R Markdown document. Markdown is a simple formatting syntax for authoring HTML, PDF, and MS Word documents. For more details on ... Read More