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What does the prior actually do in a Bayesian analysis?

2020-12-06 bayesian prior posterior likelihood

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COVID-19 in Denmark - An epidemic in a small country

2020-03-17 corona virus model derivative epidemiology differentialequations pandemic

TL;DR The COVID-19 virus has struck the world with a rare force (Hui et al. 2020). In a matter of months it has affected 194 countries and territories ... Read More

A quick introduction to derivatives for machine learning people

2018-02-09 derivative machine learning total derivative ai

Introduction If you’re like me you probably have used derivatives for a huge part of your life and learned a few rules on how they work and behave ... Read More

The importance of context

2018-02-01 inference bayesian frequentist regression maximum likelihood

Motivation When we do modeling it’s of utmost importance that we pay attention to context. Without context there is little that can be inferred. ... Read More

Deep Neural Networks in Julia - Love at first sight?

2018-01-10 programming julia modeling deep learning

Motivation I love new initiatives that tries to do something fresh and innovative. The relatively new language Julia is one of my favorite languages. ... Read More

On the apparent success of the maximum likelihood principle

2017-07-28 inference bayesian frequentist regression maximum likelihood

Motivation Today we will run through an important concept in statistical learning theory and modeling in general. It may come as no surprise that my ... Read More

Building and testing a simple deep learning object detection application

2017-07-15 object detection deep learning coco

Motivation for this post Deep learning is hot currently. Really hot. The reason for this is that there’s more data available than ever in the ... Read More

About identifiability and granularity

2017-05-06 prior regression marketing mix modeling modeling bayesian variable selection

Motivation for this post In time series modeling you typically run into issues concerning complexity versus utility. What I mean by that is that there ... Read More

A few thoughts on apparent bimodality for regression problems!

2017-04-09 prior regression modeling bayesian

Motivation Did you ever run into a scenario when your data is showing two distinctive relationships but you’re trying to solve for it with one ... Read More

On the equivalence of Bayesian priors and Ridge regression

2017-01-18 prior regression modeling bayesian

Today I’m going to take you through the comparison of a Bayesian formalism for regression and compare it to Ridge regression which is a penalized ... Read More